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Honours List

Si-Gung Roger Smart has the longest established kung fu school and Instructor in Western Australia. He has trained many students over this time, and senior students of the Schools reflect many years of dedication to training and the arts. Si-Gung Smart would like to specially acknowledge the following students. These students have demonstrated many years of dedication, loyalty and devotion to the School. They have contributed to the success the School enjoys today.

  Collin Pearce
  Tim Buytels
  Gary Jess
  Ray Knight
  Martin Foreman
  Darren Catling
  Sonny Lim
  Mike Karpinski
  Corrie Eppen
  Roger Penquitt
  Todd Hutchison
  Gary Welsh
  Steve Papaphotis
  Darren Blackley
  Peter Mickelberg
  Craig McElroy
  Greg Tomlin
  Troy Boromini
  Peter Fitzgerald
  Raymond Mickelberg
  Scott Garbin
  Joe Dwyer
  Bruce Horwood
  David Prior
  Daniel Costello
  Eddie Iemi
  Andrew Hall
  Colin Moss
  Arlin Simons

Si-Gung Roger Smart would also like to acknowledge his loving wife and life partner, Si-Tai Joy Smart, who for many years has managed the administration of the School and continues to assist and support the School and its students.