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Fu Jow Kuen (Tiger Claw) Style
Sigung - Fu Jow Kuen (Tiger Claw) form

Fu Jow (translates to Tiger Claw) is a visually and physically very aggressive martial arts style that transforms the practitioner to resemble the instincts of an alert, controlled and aggressive tiger. Fu Jow Kuen (Tiger Claw Fist) is a variation to the original Tiger passed from Grandmaster Lam Chi Ping to Si-Gung Roger Smart in 1983.

One who practices and excels at the Tiger Claw system has bones of iron yet is fluid as water and as changing as the wind. The hands are capable of smashing stone, and still they attain great sensitivity and dexterity. The forearms are solid as a rock, but they feel every movement the opponent makes even before contact has been made. It can be described as similar to iron wrapped in cotton wool. The Tiger Claw system develops a strong foundation through its stances and at the same time teaches grace, awareness, and agility.

The style incorporates powerful kicks, leg sweeps, punches, elbows, back fists and clawing motions. Like a Tiger, the practitioner fights fiercely, rending, tearing a breaking any open space of skin or limb that is left unguarded.

The Tiger style has its origin from the original Shaolin temple.